Evolve have been awarded repeat orders to date, all of which form redevelopment projects for Staffordshire University:

The Henrion Building is located on the western side of the University's Stoke campus. It was constructed in 1961 as the College of Art and now totals some 5,000 square metres of academic space. The building sits awkwardly along the principal external pedestrian route between the two halves of the university's campus and acts to divert the route. In order to improve access across the campus, the project provides a new internal route through the Henrion building.

The Brindley Building is located on the eastern side of the University's Stoke campus, was constructed in 1975 and now totals some 9,000 square metres of space.  The project involves the initial phase of the building's overall refurbishment and will provide a completely revised access solution and new public face and use at ground floor.

The Mellor Building Staffordshire University’s Stoke-on-Trent campus is named after Joseph Mellor who became the world’s leading ceramic scientist.  The scheme comprises of the strip out and refit of the 2nd Floor teaching and office space to enable the relocation of the FCET Computing teaching facility from the Brindley Building.

Evolve Services: Cost Manager, CDM Co-ordination

Project Facts

  • Repeat order Client
  • Live Educational environment